HTM Mild Rosin Soldering Paste


This rosin flux paste not have to be cleaned off after soldering and the residue actually provides a protective coating from corrosion.

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Why Use Flux?

In order for solder to do its job, the layer of oxides on the metal surfaces you’re soldering must be removed. A good flux, removes the oxides and sets the stage for soldering. The solder follows the flux, as if the flux were clearing a path for the solder and telling it where it to go. For many soldering applications, using only flux-core solder wire is sufficient.


About  Flux

A petrolatum-based soldering flux, containing Rosin and organic acid activator. Unlike many paste fluxes, it contains NO Zinc Chloride or Ammonium Chloride, making it ideal for electrical and electronic repairs. The Rosin also leaves a protective coating over the soldered area that can prevent corrosion.



1. Made of no acid soldering flux, semi solid which is not easy to dump.
2. Have strong oxide removal effect to gold-copper alloy substrate and wire.
3. Strong welding power, joint high intensity, low residual.
4. This flux have stable performance and low volatility, long use cycles, non-toxic, no irritant smell.
5. It’s the ideal auxiliary products for high quality electronic products manufacturing.
6. Also a good helper for maintenance enginee.

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