HTC 24V 9L 300W Truck Oven with Cig Plug


24V Compact 9-liter truck oven with high-quality material housing. For baking, grilling, or roasting meat and other foods. Including a removable baking sheet and grill.


HTC 24V 9L 300W Truck Oven with Cig Plug


You can eat well on the road with this oven. The electric mini oven operates at 24 Volts and is ideal for use in a truck, camper van, or on your boat. The freestanding oven comes with a baking tray and grill. The baking oven has an output of 300 watts and a capacity of 9 litres.

With this truck oven, you are no longer dependent on roadside restaurants for your meal, and you can prepare dishes entirely according to your own taste. The electric oven works with 24 volts and can be plugged into the cigarette lighter using a special plug. This way, you can bake a delicious chicken with potatoes, a pizza or an oven dish in the cabin of your truck.

The oven has two buttons: one for the heating level and one for the time, which you can set in minutes. 

HTC 24V 9L 300W Truck Oven with Cig Plug




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