Helmet Mic System (for Motorola GP300)


The Sharman HM100 Helmet Mic System offers a hands-free, closed-faced headset designed specifically for seamless bike-to-bike communications.


The Helmet Mic System is a versatile, hands-free communication solution specifically designed for motorcyclists. Compatible with the Motorola GP300 two-pin accessory socket radios, this system facilitates clear, bike-to-bike communications. It is also functional with a range of other radios including the MOTOTRBO DP1400 Digital radio and several models from Hytera such as Power 446, TC446S, TC610, TC620, PD405, PD415, PD505, and PD565, both in PMR and DMR formats.
This system includes a microphone and speaker that can be seamlessly integrated into your helmet, along with a handlebar-mounted push-to-talk (PTT) switch for easy operation while riding. The HM100 series features a microphone positioned at the front of the helmet, making it ideal for closed-face helmets, while the HM200 series offers a boom microphone, perfect for both open and closed-face helmets.Helmet Mic System (for Motorola GP300)

Designed to enhance communication on the go, both the HM100 and HM200 systems provide motorcyclists with a reliable and efficient way to stay connected with fellow riders, ensuring safety and coordination during rides. These systems are adaptable to various popular hand-held transceivers, making them a valuable addition to any motorcyclist’s gear.

Helmet Mic System (for Motorola GP300)Helmet Mic System (for Motorola GP300)Helmet Mic System (for Motorola GP300)

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