Heil Sound XLR3M – Cable Mount 3-pin Male XLR Connector


The Heil Sound XLR3M is a robust cable mount 3-pin male XLR connector, specifically designed for microphone connectivity.


The Heil Sound XLR3M is a cable mount 3-pin male XLR connector designed for robust and reliable audio connections. This high-quality connector features a durable metal construction that ensures longevity and resistance to wear.

The XLR3M’s design is tailored for ease of soldering, with three clearly marked pinpoints for a balanced audio connection. It is ideal for use in professional audio setups, including microphones and other sound equipment where a secure and interference-free connection is essential.

Perfect for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike, the Heil Sound XLR3M ensures a crisp, clear audio signal for optimal sound quality.

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