Heil Sound WSM – Windscreen for Handheld Mics (PR20 / PR22 / PR35 / PR37)


Enhance your vocal recordings and live performances with the Heil Sound WSM Windscreen, expertly designed for handheld microphones including the PR20, PR22, PR35, PR37, GM, and HM series.


Heil Sound WSHM - Windscreen for Handi MicrophoneEnhance your vocal clarity and recording quality with the Heil Sound WSM Windscreen, specifically designed for a selection of Heil’s renowned handheld microphones, including the PR20, PR22, PR35, PR37, GM, HM10, and HM12 models.

This premium replacement windscreen is expertly crafted to reduce undesirable vocal pops caused by “B” and “P” sounds, ensuring your recordings are crystal clear and free from distractions.

The WSM windscreen is meticulously engineered to fit snugly over the Heil PR20 and PR35 dynamic microphones, providing a perfect seal that not only improves sound quality but also protects your mic from spit and other contaminants. Whether you’re recording in a studio or performing live, the Heil Sound WSM Windscreen is an essential accessory for achieving professional-grade audio fidelity.

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