Heil Sound PROSET3 – PRO Stereo Studio Headphones


There is no better product than the Heil Pro Set 3 stereo headphones, to illustrate the fact that Bob Heil’s ability to listen leads his company (Heil Sound Ltd), to build high-quality professional sound products.


Is a professional lightweight head-set that can be comfortably worn for hours on end, without producing “headphone fatigue”, in addition to providing accurate sound recreation. It helps to know when you’re “tracking”, that what you hear in the cans is not coloured such that it will be a disappointment later. The Pro Set 3 headphones will work for all types of music recording, as well as be great for internet and commercial broadcasting, in addition to amateur radio.

With the Pro Set 3 headphones you get three detachable cables. A 1.8M flexible straight cable; and a 1.8M straight cord with mating iPhone or iPod compatible 3.5 mm plug; and also, a 3M coil cord – all twist lock terminating in a 1/8″ (3.5 mm) professional gold plated screw-on 1/4″ (6.3 mm) adapter.

From 10 Hz all the way to 22 kHz, the Heil Pro Set 3 headphones have got you covered.

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