Heil Sound PRO 7-PTT – AR Replacement PTT Fob for PRO 7


The Heil Sound PRO 7-PTT – AR is a durable and reliable replacement push-to-talk (PTT) fob designed specifically for the PRO 7 series headsets.


This accessory is essential for users requiring seamless communication capabilities in various environments, from broadcasting studios to live event productions. Crafted with precision, it ensures compatibility and optimal performance with PRO 7 headsets, providing a straightforward plug-and-play setup.

The robust design guarantees longevity and resilience, making it a practical choice for professionals who need uninterrupted communication in their operations. Whether you are replacing a worn-out PTT fob or simply need a spare, the Heil Sound PRO 7-PTT – AR offers exceptional quality and functionality to keep your communication clear and effective.

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