Heil Sound PR 781G – AR Dynamic Studio Quality Microphone with Gold Screen (3-pin XLR)


The Heil Sound PR 781G is a professional-grade dynamic cardioid microphone designed specifically for amateur radio use. Featuring a distinctive gold screen and a standard 3-pin XLR connector, this microphone combines both style and functionality.


The Heil Sound PR 781G is a dynamic cardioid microphone meticulously engineered for amateur radio use, ensuring compatibility with a broad spectrum of transceivers. Distinctive in its class, the PR 781G boasts a frequency response that strikes an optimal balance—wider than typical amateur radio microphones but more focused than professional-grade mics.

This tailored frequency range is designed to enhance speech articulation, producing clear and full audio that stands out in communications. Additionally, this model features a visually striking gold screen and utilizes a standard 3-pin XLR connection, emphasizing both its aesthetic appeal and functional excellence. Ideal for radio enthusiasts seeking studio-quality sound in their broadcasts and communications.


Output Connection3-pin XLR
Generating ElementDynamic
Frequency Response50 Hz to 16,000 Hz
Polar PatternCardioid
Output Level-55 dB
Impedance600 Ohms out, 3-pin
DiaphragmLow-mass aluminium
Weight397 g

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Weight0.7 kg