Heil Sound HMM-IC – AR Microphone Clamshell IC Electret with PTT (AD-1 Required)


The Heil Sound HMM-IC – AR Microphone Clamshell iC Electret with PTT is a cutting-edge hand microphone specifically engineered for Amateur Radio operators who are tired of the hollow, muffled sound typically produced by traditional clamshell designs.


The Heil Sound HMM-IC – AR Microphone is a revolutionary addition to the world of amateur radio communication. Designed with an innovative clamshell structure, this microphone challenges the conventional hollow, muffled sound commonly associated with traditional hand microphones. By incorporating a grille on the top, the HMM-IC effectively detunes the internal resonance of the housing, ensuring clearer audio output.

Heil Sound HMM-IC - AR Microphone Clamshell iC Electret with PTT (AD-1 Required)

At the heart of this device lies a special full-range microphone element, specifically engineered to enhance speech articulation. This technological advancement results in a hand microphone that delivers exceptionally clear and distinct sound, making it a standout choice for amateur radio operators.

The microphone is also equipped with a durable and flexible coil cable that matches the quality of Heil’s headsets, ensuring robust performance and ease of use. Whether for casual communication or serious broadcasting, the Heil Sound HMM-IC sets a new standard for clarity and performance in hand microphones.


Generating ElementIC Electret
Output ConnectionMic: 1/8″ Mono, PTT: 1/4″ Male
Frequency Response35 Hz – 12 kHz
Sensitivity-52 dB @ 1,000 kHz
Polar PatternCardioid
Impedance600 Ohms unbalanced
Weight170 g

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Weight0.5 kg