Heil Sound HMIC – AR Handi Mic W/IC and PTT for Icom (4-Pin XLR)


The Heil Sound HMIC – AR Handi Mic with Icom (4-Pin XLR) offers superior sound clarity for serious amateur radio enthusiasts.


The Heil Sound HMIC – AR Handi Mic W/IC and PTT is an exceptional microphone designed specifically for Icom radios. Unlike conventional microphones housed in closed clamshell enclosures that can muffle sound, the Handi Mic boasts an innovative open enclosure design. This unique feature allows for unparalleled clarity in voice transmission, preventing your voice from sounding as if you’re speaking from the depths of a barrel.

At the core of the Handi Mic iC is the high-performance iC electret microphone element, optimized for use with Icom devices. This element is expertly mounted on a durable Sorbothane shock mount, enhancing audio quality by minimizing vibrations and handling noise. The result is the audio output that is not only clear and clean but also exceptionally articulate.

For added versatility, the Handi Mic iC connects via a Heil 4-pin XLR connector. This setup enables compatibility with Heil CC-1 microphone cables, offering users flexibility in their audio setups and ensuring that they can achieve the best possible sound quality in various settings. Whether for amateur radio enthusiasts or professional communicators, the Handi Mic iC is a top-tier choice for those who demand the best in audio performance and durability.


Generating ElementElectret
Frequency Response35 Hz – 12 kHz
Polar PatternCardioid
Impedance Pro600 Ohms balanced
Output Level-52 dB, 1 kHz
DiaphragmLow-mass aluminium
Finish BlackSatin epoxy


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Weight0.5 kg