Heil Sound HM10XD – AR Dual Element Communications Microphone with PTT


The Heil Sound HM-10XD – AR Dual Element Communications Microphone is an advanced microphone designed for diverse communication needs, from casual conversations to intensive contesting.


The Heil Sound HM-10XD – AR Dual Element Communications Microphone is a state-of-the-art device engineered for versatility and performance across various communications contexts. Featuring the innovative dual-element design, this microphone incorporates Heil’s new HC-5x and HC-4x elements, each tailored for distinct auditory experiences.

The HC-5x (Wide) element is designed to enhance clarity and articulation with a +6 dB boost at 2,500 Hz – the heart of the human voice spectrum – while maintaining a balanced response with a low-end roll-off at 300 Hz. On the other hand, the HC-4x (Narrow) element emphasizes power and precision in vocal transmission with a significant +10 dB rise at 2,500 Hz and a narrowed frequency response, rolling off at 600 Hz.

This makes the HM-10XD exceptionally effective for both casual communications and intensive contesting scenarios. The microphone is equipped with a robust microphone clip and a foam windscreen, ensuring durability and high-quality sound in diverse operating environments.


Output Connection4-pin XLR with Push-to-Talk
Frequency Response HC-5X Wide300Hz – 8kHz @ -72dB
Frequency Response HC-4X Narrow600Hz – 6kHz @-76dB
Impedance600 Ohms
Polar PatternCardioid
Generating ElementDynamic and dynamic
Net Weight227 g

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Weight0.5 kg