Heil Sound HM-12 – AR Single Element Communications Microphone with PTT (4-pin XLR)


The Heil Sound HM-12 is a dynamic microphone tailor-made for amateur radio communications, boasting compatibility with nearly all low-impedance transmitters.


The Heil Sound HM-12 is a specialized single-element communications microphone tailored for amateur radio users. Featuring the innovative ‘Genesis’ dynamic element, this microphone offers high output across a full range, ensuring compatibility with nearly all low-impedance amateur radio transmitters. Its advanced design incorporates an internal shock mount that significantly minimizes rear sound rejection by about –35 dB, effectively reducing unwanted background and ambient noises in the transmission.

Characterized by a natural audio response, the HM-12 is engineered to enhance voice clarity with a traditional Heil +4 dB peak centred at 2 kHz, providing exceptional voice articulation alongside a robust low-end response. This combination delivers superior quality across AM, FM, and SSB signals.

Functionality is further enhanced by a ‘soft touch’ push-to-talk (PTT) switch, conveniently wired to pins 3 and 4 for efficient transmitter control, while the microphone signal is transmitted via pins 1 and 2 of the 4-pin XLR connector. For added versatility, the HM-12 comes equipped with an internal foam windscreen and a 5/8”-27 microphone clip, making it compatible with various booms and desk stands, thus solidifying its status as a top choice for amateur radio communicators seeking quality and reliability in their audio transmissions.


Output Connection4-pin XLR
Frequency Response80 Hz – 14 kHz @ -55 dB
DiaphragmCopper wound, mylar
Impedance1000 Ohm
Polar PatternCardioid
Generating ElementDynamic, moving coil
Net Weight228 g

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Weight0.5 kg