Heil Sound HBA – Bluetooth Adapter


After a long process to design a proper wireless system, we bring to you a pair of simple devices with one connecting to any of our 3-pin balanced XLR microphones (PR-10PKG, PR-30, PR-781, etc) and the receiver connected to one of the microphone input of any Heil AD-1 headphone adapters.

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The HBA has about 40’ of range and the audio is absolutely linear. The stations you work on can not tell the difference between the CC-1 wired cable of the microphone from this great new wireless adapter.

No more ‘bubbly’, distorted sound of the normal wireless devices. Clean, clear linear audio from the microphone to the transmitter. Many of our Beta team have also been using the Heil HBA between video cameras, phones and other devices where you would like to transmit audio without any cables. Required Adaptor Cable:

  • 8-Pin Round – AD-1-Y8
  • 8-Pin Modular – AD-1-YM
  • 6-Pin Modular – AD-1-Y8 + AD-100-8
  • 4-Pin Round – AD-1-K4
  • 8-Pin Round – AD-1-K8
  • Modular – AD-1-KM
  • 8-Pin Round – AD-1-I8
  • Modular – AD-1-IM
  • K2/3 – AD-1-K8
  • KX3 – AD-1-KX3

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