Heil Sound FINBKBU – Professional Black Microphone (Red LED)


The Fin is a professional microphone with all the qualities you could ask for in a dynamic cardioid microphone, it just happens to be one of the coolest looking mics you’ve ever seen. With the Fin microphone, you get a premium aluminium carrying case.


Best-in-class, smooth, flat response from the shock mounted, large, low mass diaphragm element driven by a powerful magnet, will reward you with rich sound throughout its broad frequency range. The Fin is great in the studio, or live, and it particularly exhibits excellent upper mids.

The Fin has a beautifully sculpted body that is double-chromed in a three-stage plating process. Horizontal fins accent its soft angular profile. As an added bonus, the Fin glows via the four LED lights inside, which can be turned on and off from via the phantom power from the mixing board. This can make for a dramatic effect, or create that “certain vibe” to enhance your next performance. The Fin microphone from Heil is turning heads! The Fin is stocked in a matte black body with red LEDs.

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Weight1 kg