Heil Sound AD-1-Y4 – AR Headset Adapter to Yaesu 4-Pin Round


Cable for PRO-SET 4/5, PRO 54/55, PRO-MICRO 4/5 and Yaesu 4-pin round.


All Heil Headset Adapter Cables use commercial-grade microphone connectors with dual-exit cable clamps that are much heavier than the normal CB-type connectors that the industry had been forced to use for decades. If you have several brands of transceivers, individual adapter cables may be connected to each radio, so you may quickly and easily move your Heil boom microphone headset from one transceiver to another, without having to remove any connectors from the transceivers.

All Heil audio cables are wired through to support VOX operation. Heil Sound Headset Adapter Cables are available in 4-pin and 8-pin round connectors, and 6-pin and 8-pin modular-style connectors.

  • Transceiver Cable End: 4-pin round
  • Compatible Transceiver Brand: Yaesu Push-To-Talk
  • Connector: Mono 1/4 inch female jack

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Weight 0.3 kg