Heil Sound AD-1-LC – AR Headset Adapter W/O CAP to IC Use on Icom 8-Pin Round


AD-1-IC8 Heil Cable for 8-pin Icom no capacitor.


Heil AD-1-IC  Headset Adapter W/Cap for IC use on Icom 8-pin. Headset boom-microphone adapter cable, Icom, 8-pin round, W/Mono 1/4 inch female jack for PTT.

AD-1 series cables are required for the Heil boom microphone headset model. Each has a female 1/4 in. mono dongle connector on a short wire for PTT keying foot switch or hand switch connection.
NOTE: The 1/4 inch stereo male plug on your headset cable does not connect to the AD-1 series cables, but connects directly to your transceiver headphone jack.

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