Head-Mounted Magnifier Glasses Loupe


The durable construction of our lenses and sturdy frame means you can take it with you when you travel.

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The YOCTOSUN rechargeable LED head magnifying visor is a fully adjustable magnifying glasses with ultra-clear optical quality lenses designed specifically for seniors, hobbyists and professionals. Perfect headset magnifier for close up work like dentists, electricians, jewelers, sewing, crafts, beauty and painting.

5 Distortion Free & Interchangeable Magnifying Lenses

Headband magnifier is made with 5 optical grade scratch-resistant acrylic lenses without distortions.

Switch between 5 optical grade optical acrylic lenses using a simple click and release system.Just unclip to release the current lens from the headset and snap a new one in place.

  • Focal Length of 5 Lenses: 21 in (1.0X), 15 in (1.5X), 10-1/2 in (2.0X), 7 in (2.5X), 6 in (3.5X)
  • Size of Single Lens: 3-3/4 in X 1-5/16 in


Bright Lights can be Adjusted for a Clearer View

The hands free magnifier is equipped with two energy-efficient LED lights built into the glasses’ frame. The lights provide an evenly lit viewing area.

Two levels of brightness is available by pressing the switch on the top of the headset. Press the switch the first time to turn on soft light, press the switch again to switch to strong light, press the switch the third time to turn off the LED light.

Max Brightness of LED Lights at Different Distances: 1500Lux (4 in), 420Lux (8 in),  210Lux (12 in), 120Lux (16 in),  60Lux (20 in)

Product Weight:

  • Magnifer with bracket / 2.21 oz (with rechargeable batteries)
  • Magnifier with headband / 2.36 oz (with rechargeable batteries)
  • 3.5X lens / 0.86 oz ,2.5X lens / 0.68 oz ,2.0X lens / 0.57 oz ,1.5X lens / 0.52 oz,1.0X lens/ 0.46 oz

Fully Adjustable

The light mount on the visor can be adjusted to change the angle of light to suit the task at hand.

The lens angle and lens distance is also adjustable.



Rechargeable Design

Efficient Rechargeable lithium battery can be fully recharged in about one hour with a wall adapter, a cell phone adaptor or power bank (not included) and the included Micro USB cable.

It can greatly reduce the weight of the magnifying glasses and thus reduce the pressure on the bridge of the nose. Keeping the bridge of your nose at ease.

Comfortable Wear and Easy to Use

Lightweight ergonomic frame with soft rubber padding for comfortable wear.Comes with a detachable head strap. The arms of the glasses can be removed to attach the head strap to the lenses. Now you can keep the glasses on your face securely at all time.


The Versatile Set for Your Home, Office or Workshop

Portable and tough enough to take with you wherever you go. The durable construction of our lenses and sturdy frame means you can take it with you when you travel.

Some Tips for You:

  • The indicator light on the right side of the frame shows red when charging and turns green when the battery is full.
  • When LED light is on, not recommended for recharging.

Safety Instructions: Please take off the head mount magnifier when you’re walking to avoid fall off and collision.

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