HamGeek HG-K6 2nd Generation Dual-Paddle Morse Key

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Full of metal texture. Its body made of stainless steel; small and durable. Its base is made of three neodymium magnets, which can be easily adsorbed on iron objects such as radio shell and automobile cover, so as to facilitate outdoor application. Adjustable distance between the two paddles according to your personal habits.

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The rebound of the paddles belongs to the mutual repulsion effect of the magnetic force, and the rebound force can be adjusted by adjusting the thickness of spacer. (It has been adjusted to a more comfortable state during the production process. Please not adjust it again if it is not necessary.)

HamGeek HG-K6 2nd Generation Dual-Paddle Morse Key

Its main structure made from stainless steel and bearing steel; some parts made of copper. Paddles use bearing steel and ball bearings. The base uses a round stainless steel housing. Built-in magnet convenient for it to be adsorbed on the shell of your equipment, enabling easy installation and removal.
Quick to replace paddles with more shape styles (other paddles are optional).
The gap between the two paddles can be adjusted. Turn the anti-skid screws on both sides to adjust the distance. This function has automatic locking, after users adjust the screws, there is no need to lock it again.

MaterialsStainless Steel
Interface3.5 mm socket
Dimensions (L x W x H)68 x 48 x 62 mm
Weight165 g

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    great,works well,thank you

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