GOOT Solder Wick


Greatly reduce the damage to the circuit board, and the thermal conductivity is fast and the soldering performance is good.

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GOOT Solder Wick

Founding in 1965, GOOT had captured a 60 per cent share of Japan’s domestic market for soldering products and for almost 50 years has been providing customers with a wide range of high quality and easy-to-use soldering products.

Use at ease. No fluorine, low residue, suitable for a variety of PCB circuit boards.


High performance solder absorbing wire precision preparation with copper wire and special chemical formula, suitable for precision instruments (RMA corresponds to the use of standard flux). Our thin and soft desoldering wire’s flat braid has efficient thermal transmission. Removes solder faster with better heat response than previous wicks. Recommended for lead-free solder with high heating load.


It is very convenient to remove solder, just three steps, easy to use:

Step 1: Put an appropriate length of the suction wick on the cleaned soldering point, and then use the electric iron nozzle to lightly heat it, and the solder will be sucked by the suction wick after the solder has melted.

Step 2: After solder wick is absorbed, please remove Soldering Iron Tip and the wick at the same time.

Step 3: Please cut off the used wick with cutting pliers.




Width: 1.5 mm


Width: 2.0 mm


Width: 2.5 mm


Width: 3.0 mm


Width: 3.5 mm




Widely Used: The no-clean desoldering wicks are suitable for industry welding, labs work or home work. Improves work efficiency, ot damage the PCB board.

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