Gear Keeper RT5-5830 Micro Handcuff Key Retractor


The Gear Keeper RT5-5830 Micro Handcuff Key Retractor is a versatile and durable tool designed to securely hold handcuff keys with its 40 lb break strength.


Made with Spectra/Nylon Line and weighing just 2.5 oz, this retractor offers a reliable 36″ extension for convenient access. It can be easily mounted on a belt using the nylon strap mount, ensuring minimal space is taken up.

Originally crafted for SCUBA diving, the Gear Keeper boasts a robust construction suitable for challenging environments. Its innovative features include a patented flushing system that removes sand and debris, making it ideal for saltwater activities. The Q/C Connector System allows for swift attachment and detachment of gear, enhancing usability in various situations.

Whether worn on a duty belt or trouser belt, this retractable handcuff key holder offers a practical solution for keeping your keys secure and accessible. Additionally, keys can be discreetly stored in a trouser pocket for noise reduction. Trust the Gear Keeper to safeguard your essential gear with maximum durability and functionality.

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Weight 0.4 kg