Gear Keeper RT4-4112 Standard Retractable CB Microphone Holder


This Gear Keeper RT4-4112 standard retractable CB mic keeper in Black will keep your mic right where you need it. It is designed to avoid swinging into your head or dropping on the floor and includes a D-ring for easy mounting to your headliner, visor or radio mount. Additionally, an adjustable lanyard ensures you can access and use your mic at the optimal level.


Presenting the Gear Keeper RT4-4112 Standard Retractable CB Microphone Holder, a professional-grade solution tailored exclusively for radio amateurs seeking unparalleled convenience and reliability. Crafted in sleek black, this cutting-edge mic keeper guarantees to keep your microphone secured exactly where you need it, ensuring minimal interference during crucial communication exchanges.

With an intelligent design that prevents any unwarranted swinging into your head or unfortunate accidents involving floor contact, this holder enables you to maintain seamless concentration on your operations without distractions. Its user-centric approach extends to a D-ring attachment mechanism, effortlessly integrating with screw-in headliners, visors, or radio mounts. Mounting has never been easier!

Equipped with an adjustable lanyard feature thoughtfully incorporated within its framework – delivering unmatched accessibility tailored precisely to individual preferences – this remarkable product ensures optimal positioning of the microphone at the ideal level for swift access whenever necessary. Say goodbye to awkward adjustments and hello to streamlined efficiency.

Gear Keeper RT4-4112 Standard Retractable CB Microphone Holder

Seamlessly combining functionality and practicality in a single device, our Gear Keeper RT4-4112 sets new standards by keeping your cherished mic readily available while preserving ease of use. Join countless satisfied professionals who have embraced this exceptional tool as their trusted companion during demanding endeavors.

Gear Keeper RT4-4112 Standard Retractable CB Microphone Holder Specifications:

  • Nylon coated stainless steel cable
  • Stainless steel spring and hardware
  • 28″ Extension
  • 9 oz. Retraction Force
  • 60lbs Breaking Strength


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