Gear Keeper RT3-4112B – Heavy Duty CB Microphone Keeper (Black)


Designed for your CB Radio Microphone. Ensures your microphone is easy to find and use!


Secures the Mic in the cab so that it’s easily extended during use, eliminating the need to re-hang on Clip. Avoid the bungee cord problems (swinging, getting hit in the head, or dropping). You can adjust the hanging level, if necessary with the lanyard extension. Even when the Mic is hung for maximum extension, the swinging is significantly less than with a bungee cord!

Key Features:

  • Extension: 106.5 cm
  • Retraction Force: 340 grams
  • Keeps Heavy Mic Accessible and easy to use
  • For use with heavy Mics, rough-riding trucks, or for a longer extension
  • Includes D-ring for easy mounting to the existing screw-in headliner, visor or radio mount
  • Also includes an adjustable lanyard to hang the mic at the right level for best access
  • Keeps your mic right where you need it; not swimming into your head or dropping on the floor



Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg