Gear Keeper RT3-4112B – Heavy Duty CB Microphone Keeper (Black)


Experience the perfect companion for your rough-riding adventures with the Gear Keeper RT3-4112B – Heavy Duty CB Microphone Keeper. Crafted exclusively for radio amateurs, this professional-grade accessory ensures that your heavy microphone remains easily accessible at all times.


Designed to withstand even the most demanding conditions, our Heavy Duty Black CB Mic Keeper keeps your microphone securely in place right where you need it. Say goodbye to fumbling around or searching for your mic – this phenomenal tool grants effortless access, enhancing communication efficiency like never before.

Unleash its versatility! Whether you navigate through challenging terrains in sturdy trucks or require a longer extension during transmissions, the Gear Keeper RT3-4112B is ready to serve. Mounting has never been simpler thanks to the integrated D-ring, allowing easy attachment to existing screw-in headliners, visors, or radio mounts.

We prioritize user convenience and have included an adjustable lanyard specially designed to ensure that your mic hangs at just the right level for optimal accessibility. No more strained arms or awkward positioning – experience seamless interaction with your beloved device!

With a retraction force of 340 grams and an impressive extension length of 106.5 cm, this microphonic marvel boasts unrivaled performance across all settings. Its reliability will leave you awe-struck as it effortlessly surpasses competitors’ offerings.

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