Gear Keeper RT2-4712 – Lightweight CB Microphone Keeper (Chrome)


The Gear Keeper RT2-4712 – Lightweight CB Microphone Keeper (Chrome) is the ultimate accessory for radio amateurs seeking professional-grade equipment to enhance their communication experience. With its sleek and durable chrome design, this Standard Chrome CB Mic Keeper exudes sophistication while ensuring optimal functionality.


Crafted to meet professional standards, the Gear Keeper Retracting tether skillfully keeps your mic exactly where you need it during crucial moments of transmission. Say goodbye to fumbling around for your microphone or wasting time searching for misplaced accessories – our Chrome CB Mic Keeper keeps everything perfectly organized and accessible.

Featuring a thoughtfully integrated D-ring, mounting this exceptional device is effortless as it seamlessly attaches to existing screw-in headliners, visors or radio mounts. No longer will you have to compromise on convenience in order to maintain an orderly cab space. Our innovative design takes care of all aspects efficiently so that you can focus solely on communicating clearly.

Ensuring optimal accessibility at varying levels, we have included an adjustable lanyard along with the Standard Chrome CB Mic Keeper. Adjusting its length allows you to effortlessly hang your mic precisely at the desired level – providing unrivaled ease-of-use and minimizing any strain on prolonged usage sessions.

Professionalism meets practicality with Gear Keeper’s adherence to meticulous details such as Retraction Force: 255 g which guarantees durable suspension without restriction. The 58 cm extension empowers seamless maneuverability while maintaining optimal efficiency throughout.

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Weight 0.5 kg