FNIRSI 1013D Digital Flatbed Oscilloscope

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FNIRSI 1013D dual-channel oscilloscope with touch control.

Number of Channels: 2
Bandwidth: 100 MHz
Sampling Rate: 1 gb/s

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Tablet digital oscilloscope with a color 7-inch high-resolution LCD display. The maximum bandwidth reaches 100 MHz, the memory depth is 240 KB. The device has a built-in lithium battery, thanks to which its battery life is about 4 hours.

FNIRSI 1013D has three capture modes: automatic, single and normal. Capture in single mode is used to analyze non–periodic signals, normal – non-periodic digital signals, automatic – analog periodic signals.

Full Touch 7 inch Screen

Full-fitting 7-inch 800 x 480 resolution color TFT LCD display with bright colour and high contrast: the touch mode is capacitive touch screen. Which is the same as the modern mobile phone iPad touch mode, and it is by no means an ancient nail-type resistance touch screen

Dual Channel Input

With 2 input channels and 1 M ohm input impedance, it can measure two different groups of signals at the same time. The two input groups can be compared to determine the analysis problem, such as the comparison and analysis of the input and output signals of the power amplifier unit to test its magnification. And distortion, output internal resistance, and other characteristics, or half-bridge full-bridge switching power supply complementary PWM and other signals testing, compared to a single channel has a wider range of applications

Complete Trigger Function

It has three trigger modes: automatic, single and normal. The single trigger mode tests sudden non-periodic burst signals, such as car ignition signals; the normal trigger mode tests non-periodic digital logic signals. such as infrared remote control signals: the automatic trigger mode tests the cycle. Analog signals, such as sinusoidal signals: versatile


Manual Cursor Measurement

When the test signal is too noisy or contains square waves with spikes, the parameters automatically measured by the system will be affected and become inaccurate, so you need to manually read the amplitude or period of the signal to calculate its peak, peak and frequency. After the cursor function is read, it becomes very easy to manually read the value. There is no need to read the background scale unit and quantity, and you can directly obtain the peak-to-peak value and frequency without conversion. This is very convenient.


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3 reviews for FNIRSI 1013D Digital Flatbed Oscilloscope

  1. T***v

    Thank you .

  2. M***s

    Pretty well packed very pleased with device

  3. B***e

    Very fast shipping. The oscilloscope looks like a very nice piece of equipment. The oscilloscope probes are better quality than I was expecting and using the built-in square wave signal, the waveform is sharp and clear. The capacitive touch screen is very responsive and the controls are intuitive. The manual could use some editing by an English speaker as some of the phrasing is quite comical. The main features are well described and I was able to get up-to-speed very quickly. One item that I haven’t been able to find the instructions for is to show the scaling on the FFT display. Perhaps it has already been taken care of in a firmware update.

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