Firestik FS4B Mobile CB Antenna


Enhance your communication on the road with the Firestik FS4B Mobile CB Antenna. Designed for all CB radios, this sleek 4 ft antenna effortlessly elevates your radio experience.


Featuring a standard 3/8 screw thread connection, seamlessly connecting to your device has never been easier. With an average tuned SWR of 1.1:5, rest assured that clear and uninterrupted communication is guaranteed.

Versatile in nature, this antenna is suitable for cars, trucks, vans; practically any vehicle you can think of! Its adaptable design allows for both single or twin installation options making it customizable to fit your specific needs.

Say goodbye to complicated setup procedures as fine-tuning this antenna requires no tools whatsoever – just simplicity at its finest! Boasting a remarkable power capacity of 900 Watts, embrace uninterrupted conversations on the road like never before.

Upgrade your communication game today and make every journey more engaging and productive with the Firestik FS4B Mobile CB Antenna – a must-have accessory for professionals who value reliability and clarity while on the move.

  • Suitable for all CB radios
  • Length : 4ft
  • Standard 3/8 screw thread connection
  • Average tuned SWR  1.1:5
  • For cars, trucks, vans etc
  • Suitable for single or twin installation
  • Easy tuning, no tools needed
  • Power 900 Watts

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg