FFQ-939 Vacuum Pen

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An indispensable tool for soldering chips and chips. It will allow you to carefully remove the soldered chip or put a new one exactly. The set includes 3 nozzles for different chip sizes.

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The vacuum suction pen has a superior purification function and will not pollute the outside of the product. The vacuum suction pen uses a soft silicone suction cup, which can avoid scratching or damaging sensitive parts to a large extent.


The vacuum suction pen is made of high-quality materials, rust-proof, wear-resistant and durable. The solder removal tool is small and light, which can be used with one hand, and can complete the operation task quickly and quickly.




Operation Method

Place the IC in a suitable position and press the button, the vacuum device will exhaust the air and let the IC fall off the tip.

Anti static vacuum suction pen, can easily and quickly take QFP, TSSOP / tssop chip IC, is a good helper of home appliance computer maintenance.

The Adsorption Capacity:

  • The large one can absorb about 40 g,
  • The medium one can absorb about 18 g
  • The small one can absorb about 3 g

Scope of Application: SMD patch, IC, memory, components, etc. can be absorbed.

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