Effortless Solder Paste Glue Gun


The gun is suitable for soldering paste, suitable for planting BGA tin, soldering chips, repairing electronics.

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The technology of manufacturing electronic products on printed circuit boards became widespread at the end of the last century. One of the most important technological materials used in surface mounting is solder paste. The solder paste dispenser allows you to control the consumption of material and ensures the accuracy of application to the installation sites of SMD components.


  • The trigger handle adopts ergonomic design, perfect for bending the finger, makes it light and easy to use.
  • Metal screw, elongated handle, auxiliary nozzle, lighter tin.
  • The main body is made of engineering plastic, with high hardness, good durability, do not be afraid of falling and long service life.
  • Precision metal screws that are up to 0.75 mm per revolution to accurately control tin production.
  • Solid casting with high strength and good matte appearance.



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