Eazytalk Patch Cable 6-Pin Tait 2000 (Yellow)


Introducing the Eazytalk Patch Cable 6-Pin Tait 2000 (Yellow), a high-quality communication accessory designed to enhance your experience with Tait T2000 series radios.


Crafted specifically for seamless integration with Tait T2000 series radios, these patch cables serve as the vital link between your radio and the Eazytalk hands-free kit for mobile PMR radios, ensuring crystal-clear communication in various environments.

Built with reliability and durability in mind, the Eazytalk Patch Cable features a robust 6-pin connector, providing a secure and stable connection to your Tait radio. Its vibrant yellow color ensures easy identification in busy settings, adding a touch of visibility and style to your communication gear.

With a lightweight design weighing just 20 grams, this patch cable offers convenience without compromising on performance. Whether you’re in the field, on the road, or in a bustling work environment, the Eazytalk Patch Cable delivers dependable connectivity and superior audio quality, helping you stay connected when it matters most.

Elevate your communication setup with the Eazytalk Patch Cable 6-Pin Tait 2000 (Yellow) – the perfect companion for Tait T2000 series radios.

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