Dual 5960 1.5 kW 6 m Low Loss Band Pass Filter


Enhance your radio communications with the high-performing Dual 5960 1.5 kW Low Loss Band Pass Filter, specifically designed for our esteemed community of radio amateurs. This exceptional filter is meticulously engineered to cater to the needs of professionals seeking the utmost precision and reliability in their operations.


The Dual 5960 1.5 kW Low Loss Band Pass Filter: Empowering Radio Amateurs with Unrivaled PerformanceDesigned exclusively for discerning radio amateurs, the Dual 5960 1.5 kW Low Loss Band Pass Filter revolutionizes the world of linear amplifiers. Engineered to harmonize flawlessly with renowned tubes such as the esteemed 8877, GS35, GS31, and formidable 2xGI7B (just to name a few), this pristine filter is poised to elevate your amateur radio experience like never before.

Designed to support the ever-growing demand on the spectrum, our 6-meter filter effortlessly handles any 1500W linear amplifier with ease. With a frequency range spanning from an impressive 50 – 54MHz, this BPF utilizes high Q coils and capacitors boasting a remarkable Q value exceeding 4000.

Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, we have achieved unparalleled low loss by implementing cutting-edge design techniques combined with precise adjustment mechanisms. As a result of these efforts, our filter ensures minimal signal degradation during transmission or reception processes.

Beyond its amplifying capabilities, this incredible device can also serve as an excellent receiving filter that strategically shields sensitive devices against strong out-of-band signals. By effectively suppressing harmonics emitted between frequencies ranging from 100 – 150 MHz and beyond, you can rest assured that interference will never compromise your equipment’s performance again.

Discover new horizons in your radio amateur endeavours with the Dual 5960 Low Loss Band Pass Filter – where professionalism meets power!


1.8 MHz< -79 dB
3.8 MHz-60 dB
7.1 MHz-43 dB
14 MHz-18 dB
50 MHz-0.08 dB
51 MHz-0.085 dB
52 MHz-0.09 dB
53 MHz-0.09 dB
54 MHz-0.09 dB
88 MHz-27 dB
100 MHz-51 dB
102.7 MHz-83 dB
108 MHz-50 dB
144 MHz-46 dB
150 MHz-45 dB
162 MHz-47 dB
200 MHz-49 dB
430 MHz-58 dB
432 MHz-55 dB
440 MHz-41 dB

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