Drone Model RPA-022


This professional drone is perfect for anyone looking to get into aerial photography or videography. The obstacle avoidance feature will keep you safe while flying, and the LED light will help you see in low-light conditions.

Blue 1080P + 1 BatteryBlue 4K + 1 BatteryBlue RPA-022 1080P + 2 BatteriesBlue RPA-022 1080P + 3 BatteriesBlue RPA-022 4K + 2 BatteriesBlue RPA-022 4K + 3 BatteriesBlue RPA-022 720P + 1 BatteryBlue RPA-022 720P + 2 BatteriesBlue RPA-022 720P + 3 BatteriesOrange 1080P + 1 BatteryOrange RPA-022 1080P + 2 BatteriesOrange RPA-022 1080P + 3 BatteriesOrange RPA-022 4K + 2 BatteriesOrange RPA-022 4K + 3 BatteriesOrange RPA-022 720P + 1 BatteryOrange RPA-022 720P + 2 BatteriesOrange RPA-022 720P + 3 Batteries
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Drone Model RPA-022
With the Drone Model RPA-022, take your photography and videography to new heights. This high-performance drone features an obstacle avoidance system, a 4K resolution camera, and 50x zoom capabilities, allowing you to capture stunning images and videos from up in the air.Drone Model RPA-022
Drone Model RPA-022Plus, the LED brilliant light ensures that you can see your subject clearly, even in low light conditions. And with the ability to perform many stunts in the air, this drone is sure to impress everyone who sees it in action.
With its intelligent obstacle avoidance and easy-to-fold design, this drone is smaller and lighter than many of its competitors, making it perfect for travel.Drone Model RPA-022
Drone Model RPA-022The new Drone Model RPA-022 is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a worry-free flight. Plus, with its clear and freer framing, you’ll be able to capture all your favorite moments with ease.
Drone Model RPA-022
Drone Model RPA-022
Drone Model RPA-022


Lens Parameters4K ESC Camera + Bottom HD Lens
Image Transmission Signal2.4G Wi-Fi
Battery LifeAbout 20 minutes
Battery Capacity1800 mAh
Remote Control DistanceAbout 100 meters




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