Drone Model RPA-021


Soar to new heights with the Drone Model RPA-021. This powerful quadcopter can reach speeds of up to 1200 meters and comes equipped with GPS for precise navigation.

RPA-021 8K + 1 BatteryRPA-021 8K + 2 BatteriesRPA-021 8K + 3 BatteriesRPA-021 Max 4K + 1 BatteryRPA-021 Max 4K + 2 BatteriesRPA-021 Max 4K + 3 BatteriesRPA-021 Max 6K + 1 BatteryRPA-021 Max 6K + 2 BatteriesRPA-021 Max 6K + 3 BatteriesRPA-021 Max 8K + 1 BatteryRPA-021 Max 8K + 2 BatteriesRPA-021 Max 8K + 3 Batteries
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Are you looking for a top-of-the-line drone that can take your photography to the next level? If so, look no further than the Drone Model RPA-021.

Drone Model RPA-021
This GPS drone comes equipped with 4K professional obstacle avoidance, 8K dual HD cameras, and a brushless motor for ultimate performance. Drone Model RPA-021
Drone Model RPA-021 Plus, it’s foldable for easy transport and has a maximum distance flight of 1200 meters. With 360-degree laser obstacle avoidance and smart follow features, this drone is perfect for anyone who wants to get serious about photography.
And with its gesture to take a photo feature, you can easily capture stunning shots without ever having to take your hands off the controls. Order yours today and see what you’ve been missing. Drone Model RPA-021
Drone Model RPA-021
Drone Model RPA-021 Drone Model RPA-021
Drone Model RPA-021 Drone Model RPA-021
Drone Model RPA-021
Drone Model RPA-021



Lens Parameters 8K ESC Dual Camera + EIS Stabilization
Image Transformations Signal 5G, Wi-Fi
Battery Life About 25 minutes
Battery Capacity 7.4V 1800 mAh
Remote Control Distance About 1200 meters



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