Discovery TX-500 CAT to USB Adapter


Enhance your radio communication setup with the Discovery TX-500 CAT to USB Adapter. Control your Lab599 Discovery TX-500 transceiver via USB, offering seamless connectivity and precision. Ideal for amateur radio enthusiasts seeking efficient integration and advanced control capabilities.


Discover seamless connectivity with the Discovery TX-500 CAT to USB Adapter, your essential link between the Lab599 Discovery TX-500 transceiver and your PC. Designed for unparalleled ease and functionality, this adapter allows you to control and manage your TX-500 via a convenient CAT interface directly through any USB port.


  • Cable Length: 1 meter
  • Connector Type: GX12 4 pin / USB

Ensure precision and reliability in your communications setup with the Discovery TX-500 CAT to USB Adapter. Perfect for amateur radio enthusiasts and professionals alike, it’s the optimal choice for integrating your transceiver with modern computing systems effortlessly. Embrace advanced control and flexibility with this essential accessory today.

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