DIN Mount Metal 30775 for Midland 78/M20/TTi TCB-771


The DIN Mount Metal 30775 is a specialized mounting solution designed specifically for the Midland 78/M20/TTi TCB-771 series of communication devices.

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DIN Mount Metal 30775 for Midland 78/M20/TTi TCB-771 Crafted from durable metal, this mount ensures a secure and stable installation within a DIN rail system or panel. Engineered with precision, it seamlessly integrates with the dimensions and specifications of the Midland 78/M20/TTi TCB-771, providing a snug fit and reliable support.

With its sleek design and robust construction, the DIN Mount Metal 30775 offers both functionality and aesthetics. It allows for convenient placement of the communication device in various environments, whether in vehicles, industrial settings, or home installations. The mount’s compatibility ensures a hassle-free setup process, making it an ideal accessory for users seeking a professional and reliable mounting solution for their Midland 78/M20/TTi TCB-771 devices.

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