Din Mount 30885 for Midland 48/TTI TCB-881


Introducing the Din Mount 30885, the ideal mounting solution designed specifically for the Midland 48/TTI TCB-881 radio system. Crafted from robust and enduring metal materials, this mount ensures steadfast stability and longevity, even in demanding environments.

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Engineered to securely accommodate the Midland 48/TTI TCB-881 unit, this mount provides a snug and reliable fit, keeping your equipment firmly in place during operation. Its precision design ensures seamless integration with your radio system, offering hassle-free installation and a sleek, professional appearance.Din Mount 30885 for Midland 48/TTI TCB-881

Whether you’re in the field, on the road, or stationed in a fixed location, the Din Mount 30885 delivers the dependable support you need for uninterrupted performance. Trust in its durability and quality craftsmanship to enhance your workflow and keep your communication equipment securely mounted for optimum efficiency.

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