Diamond X-6000 Base Station Antenna


Designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, the Diamond X-6000 is the perfect solution for those seeking unmatched signal clarity and seamless connectivity on 144, 430 and 1200 MHz.

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Upgrade your communication setup with the Diamond X-6000 Base Station Antenna. Boasting exceptional specifications and cutting-edge technology, this antenna is designed to elevate your radio communication experience to new heights.

Impressive Performance:
With a length of 3.05 meters and a radial length of 52 cm, the Diamond X-6000 ensures optimal signal reception and transmission. The antenna’s gain is equally impressive across different frequencies – 6.5 dB at 144 MHz, 9.0 dB at 430 MHz, and a whopping 10.0 dB at 1200 MHz. This means you can enjoy clearer and stronger signals across a wide range of frequencies, making it ideal for various applications.

Built to Last:
Weighing just 1.8 kg, the Diamond X-6000 is lightweight yet incredibly durable, thanks to its fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) outer shell. It can withstand challenging weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance even in adverse environments. With a rated wind velocity of 50 m/sec., you can rest assured that this antenna will stay sturdy and reliable, no matter the weather conditions.

Easy Installation:
Setting up the X-6000 is a breeze! It accepts mast diameters ranging from 30 mm to 62 mm, providing you with flexibility in mounting options. The N-J connector ensures a secure and efficient connection, and the antenna’s impedance of 50 Ohms guarantees smooth compatibility with a wide range of radio equipment.

Impressive Power Handling:
With a power rating of 100 W FM on 144/430 MHz and 60 W FM on 1200 MHz, the Diamond X-6000 is capable of handling significant power levels, allowing for extended usage without compromising performance.

Outstanding VSWR:
The antenna’s VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) is less than 1.5:1, meaning you get minimal signal loss and maximum efficiency in your radio communications.

Versatile Design:
The X-6000 features a unique design with 2 x 5/8 wave C-Load elements for 144 MHz, 5 x 5/8 wave C-Load elements for 430 MHz, and 6 x 5/8 wave C-Load elements for 1200 MHz. This innovative configuration ensures optimized performance across different frequency bands.

Enhance your radio communication capabilities with the Diamond X-6000 Base Station Antenna. Whether you’re a seasoned radio operator or a hobbyist, this antenna will undoubtedly elevate your experience with its outstanding performance and robust build quality. Upgrade to the Diamond X-6000 today and stay connected with clarity and reliability like never before!

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