Diamond WD-330 T2FD Folded Dipole Antenna


The Diamond WD-330 is a complete antenna built to professional standards.


The antenna is a Wide band folded dipole, the kind utilized by the Military for frequency hopping. It operates seamlessly from 1.8 MHz to 30 MHz, maintaining an SWR below 2:1 throughout. An external ATU can be used to match the antenna on any frequency with an SWR as low as 1:1, although this should not be necessary on Amateur bands.

The Diamond D-330 antenna can handle up to 150 watts of power and has versatile installation options, such as horizontal, “V” inverted, or inclined with the lower end positioned within 02m from the ground. Made with vinyl coated #14 copper wire, it also features a protected intermediate insulator cover coated in epoxy resin.

The antenna consists of:

  • S0-239 type connector
  • 2 x Insulators
  • 30 m of top quality co-axial feeder cable (5D-2V) with fitted PL259 plugs are all included in the kit.


  • Frequency Range: 1.8 – 30 MHz
  • Power: 150 W (PEP)
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Length: 25 m
  • SWR 2:1 (from 1.8 to 4.9 MHz)
  • SWR 1.5:1 (from 5 to 15.9 MHz)
  • SWR 2.0 :1 (from 16 to 30 MHz)

Note: WD-330J is same antenna above but without coax supplie.

Additional information

Weight3.1 kg