Diamond V-2000 Tri Band Vertical


The Diamond V-2000 triband base antenna operating on frequency bands 6 m, 2 m and 70 cm utilises a linear phase shift design to couple the different frequency band selections together. Mast mounting brackets are included.


This model is made of fibre glass construction, pre-tuned and fully weatherproofed. Mast mounting brackets are included.


Frequency6 m/2 m/70 cm
Gain2.15/6.2/8.4 dB
Power150 W
Type1/2, 2 x 5/8, 4 x 5/8
Length2.5 m
Radial Length92 cm
Mast Size30 – 62 mm
Wind Velocity50 m/sec
Weight1.2 kg

Additional information

Weight10 kg