Diamond SPM-35 Heavy Duty Antenna Magnet Mount


Discover the Moonraker Double Groove Mirror Mount with Cable + PL259, a sturdy solution for flat bar mirror attachment. Includes 3m cable and pre-connected PL259 UHF plug for seamless radio installations.


The Diamond SPM-35 Heavy Duty Antenna Magnet Mount provides robust support for UHF antennas, designed for optimal performance and durability in various conditions. With a heavy-duty build weighing 2.2 lbs and a compact 4″ diameter, it ensures stability and reliability even in challenging environments.

Featuring a broad frequency rating of 25-500 MHz, the mount is suitable for a wide range of applications, from amateur radio to commercial uses. Its key component is a 13-foot low-loss 5mm coaxial cable terminated with a PL-259 connector, ensuring efficient signal transmission with minimal loss over distance.

Ideal for antennas up to 45 inches in height, the Diamond SPM-35 offers ease of installation and flexibility in positioning, thanks to its strong magnetic base. Whether for mobile or fixed installations, this mount is engineered to deliver consistent performance and enduring quality, making it a trusted choice among radio enthusiasts and professionals alike.


  • Heavy Duty: 2.2 lbs.
  • 4″ diameter
  • Rated 25-500 MHz
  • Cable: 13′, low loss, 5 mm , “3.5D” coaxial cable with PL-259

Additional information

Weight2 kg