Diamond SGM-505 HF Mobile Antenna


Enhance your mobile communication experience with the Diamond SGM-505 HF Mobile Antenna from our exceptional Super Gainer Series. Designed for all radio enthusiasts, this 2 m/70 cm mobile antenna offers an extensive frequency range of 144/430 MHz.


Boasting a length of just 0.53 m, this compact yet powerful antenna delivers outstanding performance. With a gain of 2.15 dBi at 144 MHz and an impressive 3.8 dBi at 430 MHz, you can anticipate superior signal reception and transmission capabilities wherever you go.

Built to withstand demanding conditions, the Diamond SGM-505 is engineered to handle a maximum power rating of up to 100 W FM with ease – ensuring uninterrupted and reliable communication during critical moments. With its impedance rating of 50 Ohms and MP connector, compatibility with various radio systems is effortlessly achieved, providing seamless integration into your existing setup.


Length 0.53 m
Connector MP
Impedance 50 Ohms
VSWR Less than 1.5:1
Max Power Rating 100 W FM (Total)
Gain 2.15 dBi (144 MHz), 3.8 dBi (430 MHz)
Type 1/4 wave (144 MHz), 6/8 wave C-Load radial less (430 MHz)

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Weight 1 kg