Diamond SE-300 Dual Band Vertical Radial Free


This model is made of fibreglass construction, pre-tuned and fully weatherproofed. No radials are required. Mast mounting brackets are included.

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The Diamond antennas have a robust construction and will last for many years without any problems. The base is made of anodised cast aluminium, the outer tube of UV-resistant plastic (FRP, Fibre Reinforced Plastic). The internal, protected radiator is made of thick brass or copper-bronze. This makes the antennas durable even in rough conditions, they can be used up to wind speeds of 144 km/h or more. The mounting is done by a mounting pipe, which protects the coaxial socket against external influences. The mounting pipe is attached to a mast with two supplied clamps and U-bolts.


Frequency2 m and 70 cm
Gain6.5 dB and 9 dB
Power150 W
Length2.85 m
Mast Size30 – 62 mm


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Weight10 kg