Diamond SD330 HF Screwdriver Mobile Antenna 3.5 – 30 MHz


The Diamond SD-330 is a remotely controlled mobile antenna that can be fitted to the car in minutes using a magnetic mount such as a triple magnetic mount.

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A single leg magnetic mount should not be used since its capacity to ground is not reliable on frequencies below 14 MHz. Furthermore, it will fail to remain in place for a long duration unless stationary. This antenna instead consists of a base loaded electronically tuned screwdriver design with a flexible whip mounted on a spring coil.

The total height of the antenna is estimated to be around 1.7 m, depending on frequency. Further, this comes with a detachable DC cable that has a length of approximately 22 ft from the car end, which includes a remote up/down press button unit and a cigar plug. Additionally, the current draw for this is just 100 mA.

Tuning is done by pressing either the up or down button and listening for the strongest signal. To make more precise adjustments, a VSWR meter is helpful. This large antenna has a wide base coil and can be set to any frequency between 3.5 and 30 MHz.


  • 3.5 – 30 MHz
  • 200 Watts SSB
  • Overall length 1.7 m
  • Base connector PL259
  • DC cable length 22 ft terminated cigar plug
  • Remote up/down controller

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Weight7 kg