Diamond RHM-10 Wide Band Portable Antenna


Unleash the potential of seamless communication with the revolutionary Diamond RHM-10 Wide Band Portable Antenna. Crafted to exceed professional expectations, this antenna is meticulously designed to ensure superior performance across a broad frequency range.


Built for versatility, the Diamond RHM-10 spans an impressive length of 0.5 – 1.77 meters, enabling optimal signal reception in any situation. Seamlessly navigating through frequencies ranging from 7 to 430 MHz, it effortlessly adapts to your diverse communication requirements.

Uncompromising on power output, our portable antenna boasts a remarkable maximum power rating of 130 W (SSB), providing you with unrivaled clarity and unwavering reliability during critical exchanges. Whether engaged in emergency operations or demanding field assignments, rest assured that your messages will be transmitted flawlessly with this impressive device at your side.

Say goodbye to connectivity constraints and hello to unbounded possibilities: The Diamond RHM-10 features an M-P connector ensuring effortless compatibility with various devices and networks offering unparalleled flexibility when establishing connections.


Length0.5 m – 1.77 m
Frequency7 – 430 MHz
Max Power Rating130 W (SSB) 
Type1/4 wave reduced type (HF band), 1/4 wave (50 / 144 MHz band), 5/8 wave (144 / 430 MHz band)

Additional information

Weight7 kg