Diamond RH775 Handheld Antenna


The Diamond RH775 Handheld Antenna is equipped with a secure BNC-P connector, guaranteeing stable connections that withstand frequent usage and maintain optimum performance over time.


Enhance your communication capabilities with the Diamond RH775 Handheld Antenna, a must-have accessory for radio enthusiasts seeking reliable and exceptional performance. Designed to cater to all radio users, this professional-grade antenna offers seamless connectivity across 144/430 MHz frequencies (2 m/70 cm), ensuring crystal-clear transmissions every time.

Featuring an impressive gain of 2.15 dBi, this handheld antenna amplifies signal strength with remarkable efficiency. With a power rating of 10 W, rest assured your communications won’t be compromised during critical moments. This robust antenna empowers you to transmit and receive messages effortlessly without sacrificing clarity or reliability.



Frequency144/430 MHz (2 m/70 cm)
Length41 cm (full length),14 cm (retracted) 8 stages
Weight35 g
Gain2.15 dBi (430 MHz)
Max. Power Rating10 W FM
Impedance50 Ohms
Type1/4 wave (144 MHz),1/2 radial less (430 MHz),120/150/300/450/800/900 MHz for receiving only

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Weight0.5 kg