Diamond RH519 Handheld Antenna


Enhance your communication prowess with the Diamond RH519 Handheld Antenna, a powerful dual-band companion designed for professionals like you.


This exceptional antenna operates flawlessly on both 144 and 430 MHz frequencies, ensuring optimal reception no matter where your ventures take you

Crafted meticulously with a compact length of just 20 cm, this handheld antenna effortlessly blends portability with unparalleled performance. Its sleek design allows for convenient mobility without compromising signal strength or range. Equipped with a reliable BNC-P connector, the Diamond RH519 seamlessly integrates into various devices and radios without any hassle.


Frequency144/430 MHz (2 m/70 cm)
Length20 cm
Weight15 g
Max. Power Rating10 W FM
Impedance50 Ohms

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Weight0.5 kg