Diamond NR22L Mobile Antenna


This 2 x 5/8th design will certainly let you work the DX – with 6.5 dB of gain, it is the best choice of a single band mobile antenna for 144 MHz.

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Experience enhanced and powerful communication with the Diamond NR22L Mobile Antenna. Designed for versatility, this remarkable antenna is suitable for all individuals seeking professional-grade performance in their mobile communications.

Equipped with a 144 MHz band, this antenna allows you to effortlessly tap into a wide range of frequencies, ensuring optimal coverage and clear reception. With its impressive gain of 6.5 dB, signal strength is maximized, guaranteeing crystal-clear voice transmission even in challenging environments.

Engineered to handle up to 100 W of power, the Diamond NR22L ensures seamless functionality without compromising on reliability or durability. Say goodbye to dropped calls or weak signals during important conversations – this exceptional antenna brings you unmatched connectivity wherever your journeys take you.

Standing tall at a length of 2.46 m, this sleek yet robust mobile antenna provides excellent reach while maintaining an elegant profile that blends seamlessly with any vehicle design. Its carefully crafted construction guarantees superior performance without compromising on style.



Frequency 144 MHz
Gain 6.5 dB
Length 2.46 m
Power 100 W
Connection Base PL-259

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