Diamond NR-2000N Mobile Antenna


Designed to meet the demands of professional users, the Diamond NR-2000N Mobile Antenna is a high-performance accessory that promises unparalleled connectivity. With its sleek and compact design, this antenna seamlessly integrates into any setup.


At just 0.99 m in length and weighing only 300 g, this lightweight antenna offers powerful reception across multiple frequencies – 144/430/1200 MHz (2 m/70 cm/23 cm). Featuring an impressive gain of 3.15 dB (144 MHz), 6.3 dB (430 MHz), and an astounding 9.7 dB (1200 MHz), the Diamond NR-2000N ensures maximum transmission efficiency for crystal-clear communication with minimal interference.

With a power rating of 100 W (144/430 MHz) and 50 W (1200 MHz), this antenna effortlessly handles higher power outputs without compromising performance. Say goodbye to dropped calls or patchy signals during critical moments – rely on the robust capabilities of our product to stay connected when it matters most. The impedance of this remarkable mobile antenna stands at an optimal level of 50Ω, ensuring seamless compatibility with various devices and systems. Additionally, its N-P connector allows for quick and hassle-free installations in no time.



Length0.99 m
Weight300 g
Frequency144/430/1200 MHz (2 m/70 cm/23 cm)
Gain3.15 dB (144 MHz), 6.3 dB (430 MHz), 9.7 dB (1200 MHz)
Max. Power Rating100 W (144/430 MHz), 50 W (1200 MHz)
SWRLess than 1.5

Additional information

Weight7 kg