Diamond MX-3000N – Triplexer


Introducing the Diamond MX-3000N Triplexer – the ultimate solution for seamless connectivity across multiple frequency bands. With its high-performance design and versatile port configuration, this triplexer is a must-have for any radio enthusiast or professional.

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The Diamond MX-3000N features three distinct ports: LPF (Low Pass Filter), BPF (Band Pass Filter), and HPF (High Pass Filter). These ports allow for simultaneous operation on the 2 m, 70 cm, and 23 cm bands, ensuring optimal signal quality and minimal interference.

With passband widths ranging from 1.6 to 160 MHz, 350 to 500 MHz, and HPF up to 1300 MHz, this triplexer offers exceptional flexibility for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re engaging in amateur radio, satellite communications, or even professional broadcasting, the MX-3000N has got you covered.

Diamond MX-3000N - Triplexer (2m/70cm/23cm) The Diamond MX-3000N boasts impressive power-handling capabilities across its various passbands. With a peak envelope power (PEP) rating of 800W on the 1.6 to 160 MHz band, 400W on the 350 to 500 MHz band, and 200W on the 300 to 920 MHz band, you can confidently transmit with confidence, knowing that your signals will be transmitted accurately and efficiently.

In terms of specifications, the MX-3000N delivers outstanding performance. The loss is minimal, with only 2 dB on the LPF port, 3 dB on the BPF port, and 4 dB on the HPF port. This ensures that your signals retain their strength throughout the transmission process, resulting in crystal-clear communication.

Additionally, the triplexer offers excellent isolation capabilities, with a rating of 55 dB. This means that unwanted signals and interference are effectively suppressed, allowing your desired signals to come through loud and clear.

The MX-3000N features a mix connector in the form of an N-Jack (F), ensuring secure and reliable connections. Furthermore, the input socket is designed with an N-Type connection, further enhancing the triplexer’s compatibility with a wide range of devices and equipment.

In summary, the Diamond MX-3000N Triplexer is the go-to choice for radio enthusiasts and professionals seeking seamless connectivity across multiple frequency bands. With its unrivalled performance, power handling capabilities, and exceptional specifications, you can rely on this triplexer to deliver outstanding results every time. Upgrade your radio setup today with the Diamond MX-3000N and experience the next level of communications excellence.


  • Port: LPF / BPF / HPF
  • CW: 400W / 200W / 100W
  • PEP: 800W / 400W / 200W
  • Loss: 2 dB/ 3 dB/ 4 dB
  • Isol: 55 dB
  • Mix Connector: N-Jack (F)
  • Input Socket: N Type

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