Diamond MX-2000 – Triplexer


Introducing the Diamond MX-2000 Triplexer – the ultimate solution for splitting or combining HF, VHF, and UHF signals. With this triplexer, you can effortlessly merge three transceivers or transceiver connectors with different band ranges onto one coax feed line. Say goodbye to cluttered cables and enjoy seamless signal integration.

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Diamond MX-2000 - Triplexer Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Diamond MX-2000 boasts a high-quality aluminium case with a sleek black finish. Its compact size of 65 x 85 x 23 mm ensures easy installation and hassle-free placement in your setup.
Equipped with a SO239 socket and three PL-259 plugs, this triplexer offers versatile connectivity options. The generous cable length of 300 mm provides flexibility when it comes to positioning and arranging your equipment. Diamond MX-2000 - Triplexer

The Diamond MX-2000 shines with exceptional specifications:

1.6 – 60 MHz, 800W PEP, Loss 0.15 dB: Experience minimal signal loss and impressive power handling capabilities within this frequency range. Whether you’re engaging in HF radio communications or exploring your amateur radio interests, this triplexer delivers outstanding results.

110 – 170 MHz, 800W PEP, Loss 0.2 dB: Covering the VHF spectrum, this range ensures reliable transmission and reception without sacrificing signal quality. Enjoy clear communication and uninterrupted connectivity as you navigate through different bands.

300 – 950 MHz, 500W PEP, Loss 0.25 dB: From UHF frequencies to higher frequency applications, this triplexer handles it all. With a power handling capacity of 500W PEP and minimal signal loss, you can confidently rely on this versatile device for your diverse needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned radio enthusiast or a professional seeking optimal signal management, the Diamond MX-2000 Triplexer is the perfect addition to your setup. With its impeccable performance, durable construction, and advanced connectivity options, this triplexer elevates your radio experience to new heights.

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