Diamond D-303 Passive Receiving Antenna


The Diamond D-303 Passive Receiving Antenna is a specialized vertical antenna designed for optimum reception across a broad frequency spectrum. Featuring loaded ground plane elements, this antenna is tailored for wideband receivers and scanners, ensuring exceptional performance across various frequency ranges.


With a frequency range spanning from 0.5 to 200MHz, this passive antenna delivers reliable reception across a diverse range of signals. Its compact yet efficient design makes it an excellent choice for both amateur radio enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Measuring at a length of 1.56 meters, the Diamond D-303 offers a balanced blend of portability and functionality. Additionally, it comes equipped with a 10-meter RG58U cable, complete with PL259 plugs at each end, facilitating easy installation and connection to your receiver or scanner.

Whether you’re monitoring frequencies for hobbyist pursuits or professional applications, the Diamond D-303 Passive Receiving Antenna provides the reliability and performance you need to stay connected and informed.


  • Frequency Range: 0.5 – 200 MHz (Passive)
  • Length: 1.56 m comes with 10 m RG58U with PL259 plug each end

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Weight 2 kg