Diamond CX-310N – 3 Way N-Type Coax Switch


Introducing the Diamond CX-310N – 3 Way N-Type Coax Switch, the ultimate solution for seamless and efficient connection management in your RF applications. With its top-of-the-line features and exceptional build quality, this product is an excellent addition to your toolkit.


Featuring N-type connectors, the Diamond CX-310N ensures superior connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of devices and equipment. Whether you’re working on satellite communication, broadcast systems, or any other RF application, this coax switch will provide you with reliable performance and outstanding signal transmission.

With a maximum power handling capacity of 1.5 kW, the Diamond CX-310N can effortlessly handle high-power scenarios. Its 50 Ohms impedance ensures optimal signal transfer, minimizing signal loss and maximizing efficiency.

Equipped with impressive isolation capabilities, this coax switch boasts 60 dB isolation from DC to 500 MHz and 50 dB isolation from 500 MHz to 1500 MHz. This allows for clean and uninterrupted signal routing, ensuring accurate and high-quality data transmission.

The Diamond CX-310N offers a comprehensive frequency range, covering DC to 1500 MHz. It handles different power levels across various frequency bands, accommodating a wide range of applications. Specifically, it supports 30 – 150 MHz at 1 kW, 150 – 500 MHz at 500W, 500 – 1000 MHz at 250W, and 1000 – 1500 MHz at 150W.

In terms of size, the compact design of the Diamond CX-310N makes it easy to incorporate into any setup. Measuring just 84 x 95 mm, it occupies minimal space while delivering exceptional performance. Additionally, weighing only 600 g, this coax switch is portable and convenient for both stationary and mobile uses.

To sum it up, the Diamond CX-310N – 3 Way N-Type Coax Switch is a premium product that offers unparalleled connectivity, power handling, and frequency coverage.


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